Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What to Wear: Summer Maxi

It's safe to say that the maxi dress phenomenon is here to stay for the upcoming season and hopefully beyond. It's no surprise that so many women the world over, both fashion obsessed and style novices alike, have pounced onto the idea of being able to proudly wear something tantamount to pajamas (from a comfort perspective) out in the real world. These days, maxis can be worn effortlessly to the office, beach, and even to a casual summer wedding, depending on how they're styled. 

I recently made some purchases at J.Crew Factory, one of which included this navy blue maxi with a bold, tribal print. I love the stretchy jersey that's both comfy and forgiving, as well as the double side slits that add both a subtle sexiness, as well as some ventilation that will be very much appreciated as mercury continues to rise. 

Outfit Details:
J.Crew Factory Print Stretch Tank Dress: $89.50 (regular price, but if you're paying full price at J.Crew factor, no offense, but you're doing it wrong)
Denim Moto Jacket: Last season from The Gap (simiar, for $69.00 at Dorothy Perkins)
Target Mossimo "Lakitia" Sandals in Gold Glitter: $19.99 (make sure to keep an eye out for Target's bogo shoe sales; they run these promos constantly)
Free People Slouchy Vegan Tote in Brown/Coral (my favorite bag that I can't stop wearing): $68.00
Fifth & Mae Initial Necklace: For sale on Groopdealz (simialiar at Fifth & Mae $14.95)
Etsy Arrow Necklace: For sale on Groopdealz (similar on Etsy $13.00)

I really love to layer more delicate necklaces for a look that makes a slightly bigger statement than a necklace worn alone, but not so much as to overwhelm an already bold printed dress or top. Groopdealz is a great option for purchasing on-trend jewelry that's super affordable. I am slightly addicted to this website, to be honest, so before visiting it, keep that in mind. 

One last point about maxis is that I hear a lot from friends of mine that are of similar height and stature to myself, that they can't wear maxi dresses for fear of being swallowed up and made to look diminished or dowdy. This couldn't be further from the truth! Short and/or curvy women look great in maxis, as long as you find the right cut for your body type. I will suggest to any fellow curvy ladies out there to chose a maxi dress or skirt with some kind of waist defining aspect, or wear a belt around it in order to create the illusion of a waist; this will work wonders for the overall impact of the look, and make you look nothing short of va-va-voom! Also, don't immediately nix a maxi choice that's too long; several Dry Cleaners will hem them up quickly and without too significant of a cost (or you can do it yourself, if you're one of those babes who's super crafty).

I hope that you both enjoy and are inspired by this easy summer look.



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