Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Brunch Rush

Living in a major city is great in so many ways. Chicago for example, while by no means perfect, has so much to offer in terms of things to do, places to go, and ways with which to satisfy your hunger that are borderline staggering. Like many couples of similar means and situation, we often find ourselves on the prowl for brunch that's both satisfying and out-of-the-ordinary on Saturday or Sunday mornings. In this situation, I often think about a part I recently read in Mindy Kaling's delightful book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), in which she writes about wanting to be just famous enough to never have to wait in line for brunch ever again. I'm with her on that 1000%. I cannot handle going to brunch starving (and let's be honest here, possibly hungover) just to be faced with an hour, or more, wait to be fed. Seeing as I'm not famous in even the slightest bit, my only recourse to avoid dropping dead while waiting for my name to be called is to get to brunch super early; to plan my entire morning (and existence?) around getting to brunch before the hoards. 

Please, then, follow me (and Dan, of course) through our 9:00am brunch at the wonderful endgrain on Addison St. in Roscoe Village in Chicago:

This is my, "I'm not waiting an hour for brunch," face

I don't see why I shouldn't try to put a cute outfit together, even when rushing out of the house for brunch. So I decided to go with a mixed-wash denim look that I've been waiting for a good excuse to try:

Chambray Shirt: J.Crew Factory - $68.00 (currently on sale for $39.50!)
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: Handed down from a friend (similar - $69.50 plus 40% off right now!)
Sandals: Target - $22.99 (currently on sale for $18.39!)
Slouchy Tote: Free People - $68.00 (this bag deserves a post all its own, I really can't say enough about how much I love it)
Sunglasses (a very kind birthday gift): Ray Ban - $155.00 
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs - $250.00
Bangle (another insanely kind birthday gift): Marc by Marc Jacobs - $52.00 (currently on sale for $36!)

And onto brunch!

This was our second visit to endgrain in so many weeks, and it will definitely be the second of many because their food rocks! The menu is simple and straight-forward, with biscuit sandwiches as their stand-out specialty. 

This has nothing to do with endgrain at all, but it's startling how many dogs there are in the Roscoe Village area! Both times that we've come to this place, we've spent the entire meal pointing out dogs as they walk by and gushing at how cute they all are.

Here's Dan not hogging the cream at all

Biscuit Sandwich with Fried Chicken, pork gravy, and greens; served with pickles and potato chips on the side (Dan gave me his pickles because I love them SO much) 
They also serve a variety of doughnuts from local doughnut-ery, Enoch's Doughnuts, including a Strawberry doughnut, split and sandwiched with strawberry creme fraiche, half of which is pictured here, the other half having already been consumed. Delicious.

more doughnuts!
Yet another brunch well-done, with plenty of time leftover for a nap (that is equally important).

I hope you enjoyed reading of Dan's and my brunch adventure, and I would love to read your suggestions of brunch spots in the area that are worth checking out, and any stories you might have about how you make the most of your weekends/days off. 



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