Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sneaking Into Summer

Get ready, world! It has reached 80 degrees in Chicago! Let street festival season begin!

A lot of people who live here like to comment that Chicago is a different city in the summer, and it really is the truth. Once we're finally released of our winter-long burdens, we just cannot wait to step out into a whole new world without a coat nor a care. 

Wherever it is that you live, outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals are more-than-likely a summer staple, and while it would be fantastic to attend all of these events in nothing but cute strappy sandals, doing so will almost always result in foot grime that will make you feel anything but carefree. While, there are clever solutions to this issue out there, such as these wipes that I recently got a sample of in my May Birchbox, many of us would prefer to avoid the problem outright.

Enter: Fun summer sneakers! All of these babies can be styled brilliantly with shorts, skirts, or even casual maxi dresses, and they're guaranteed to keep you looking fly while still feeling clean and comfy from barbecues to outdoor concerts and beyond.

Clockwise from Top-Left:

I'm kind of obsessed with almost all of the Kate Spade for Keds shoes that have come out the last couple of years. They're definitely pricey for canvas sneakers, but there's something about a sneaker with a fun print and a pointed-toe that just gets me. Pair these with a neutral pair of shorts and a chambray shirt and let them be the star of your look (as they should be).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love Forever 21 for their super trendy pieces that you don't necessarily want to spend a ton of money on. The high-tops are nailing the floral trend that is currently having its moment, and doing it without breaking the bank. Work these in with a fit-and-flare frock and a denim vest to keep the cool-but-girly factor consistent.

I love the fact that leopard is the new neutral and can now be worn effortlessly regardless of season (I, for so long, equated leopard with the colder months for reasons unknown). These sneaks have been everywhere lately, and for good reason, as they're simple, yet eye-catching, and the pony hair makes them also kind of luxe. I would love these with dark skinny pants/leggings and a striped tunic because I cannot get enough of stripes and leopard mixed together in the same outfit.

There's a reason why these shoes are such a classic. They look great with everything and are inexpensive, so if they're truly hideous with dirt by Labor Day, you can throw them away or banish them as a laundry-day-only wear without feeling ridden with guilt later on. While these look great with almost anything, I imagine them paired with a casual, jersey maxi dress and baseball cap for an easy summer look.

I really like to work in patriotic pieces during the summer, be it a scarf, casual bag, or these super cute, affordable little sneakers. I like the lived-in, muted color scheme of these, and I would go classic American with my outfit while wearing them, meaning a pair of jean shorts and a breezy, swingy t-shirt or blouse.

I had to, I just had to. The wedge sneaker is definitely one of those, 'love it or hate it,' trends among style-conscious gals, and I have to say that I align myself firmly in the middle. For me, it really does depend on what they're worn with, where, and how often. I would love to wear these with a shorter pencil or mini skirt, graphic t, and leather moto jacket to show the world that I'm not one to mess around with.

I hope for several warm days ahead during which I can wear some of these looks and take full advantage of what is always both the shortest and best season of the year.



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