Monday, September 9, 2013

Keeping the Summer Alive

Summer is winding down, and while I'm excited to start shopping and wearing all of Fall's must have clothes, shoes and accessory trends (bordeaux lips anyone?), I find myself not yet willing (or able...) to let go of summer just yet.

Part of this has to do with the weather in Chicago lately. It's been HOT, like brutally hot, like walk-outside-and-lose-your-breath hot. I'm not about to stash away my sun dresses and sandals when it feels like a pizza oven outside (pizza?). 

I guess the other part of it for me is just the way we up north romanticize summertime. We spend so much time cowering indoors in the winter that summer never quite seems long enough; we always find ourselves always wanting more (like pizza!).

I got the opportunity to flaunt my summer whites this past weekend when I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate a friend's 30th Birthday (wooo!). I'll be there soon enough so I might as well start getting excited about Dirty 30 in advance.

showing off my signature hair swirl

I happen to love the way white pairs with denim, and I love to mix in a printed shoe to keep a look interesting without having to add color. 

I'm currently trying to wear my leopard Madewell flats as much as I can in an attempt to break them in because they are definitely a somewhat painful pair to wear. I got a blister on my right foot on the first wear and then my left foot on this one! Yikes! I'm hoping by the 3rd excursion of long-term wear that I might notice a change in wearability. I find that shoes with leather insoles kind of need to 'mold' to your foot before they really become yours (and not painful).

I bought the white buttoned dress from Gap last summer to wear to my bridal shower, so it is not available for purchase, however there are still plenty of breezy white dresses out there to chose from (MANY on sale) to keep your summer going as long as you (possibly!) can.

Summer forever!

Outfit Details:

Dress - Gap - No longer available - Similar (and on sale) Similar (also on sale) Similar (are you seeing a pattern here - ON SALE)

Denim Moto Jacket - Gap - ($89.95 - but I had a coupon for 40% off of any one item - yay savings!!)

Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer in Calf Hair - $118 (but currently going for $98 during Madewell's shoe sale)

Anthropologie Long Sparkly Necklace (worn layered) - No longer available Similar

Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Watch - $250

Spiky Leather Cuff - Forever21 - $6 Similar (I love buying 'going out' jewelry cheap because that way it doesn't matter what happens to it)

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