Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Real Steal!

Seeing as I am a firm believer in instant gratification (I'm that girl who is practically ripping the tags off of clothing in the car ride home from a shopping trip), it's a strange condition for me to be proud of myself for exercising patience.

This time, my insatiable need to buy pretty things, was overtaken by pure strength of will and I was, in turn, rewarded for this... handsomely...

Back in the Springtime or as we call it in Chicago, Winter part 2, I saw and instantly fell for these little beauties:

Seychelles Freesia Flat in Whiskey

So if you would be so kind of to follow this link you can see that these shoes are still currently going for the full price of a whopping $90 (I think that's a lot for flats), however if you would click your pretty fingers onto this link, you will find the SAME EXACT pair of shoes in Whiskey for $35.53 on amazon! Be still my heart!

Plus super saver shipping, thanks Amazon, love you!

So sometimes, waiting it out can be to your advantage when shopping, and always shop around, you never know when you might find a deal for the exact same item on Amazon, Zappos or even Piperlime. Try to calm your fashion cravings and use that extra cash for a pedicure or something.

Happy hunting!

Jess K.

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