Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday for Two

Another Birthday weekend is about to draw to a close. It was actually a pretty low-key occasion this year. Just lots of food instead of a little bit of food followed by a lot of beer, which is how almost every other year plays out. 

Dan and I finally went to Mindy's Hot Chocolate which sure was an experience. The above dessert was really the highlight (Hot Chocolate 4 ways in one dessert, come on...), but everything really was delicious. I guess they don't give those James Beard awards to just ANY old chef.

That was followed the next day by a raucous time at Heaven on Seven with my Mom and Stepdad which was as good as it was loud (I don't know if a 4 piece band in a small restaurant is ever a super good idea), however the food was also delicious. My Mom and I are lucky (?) enough to have our birthdays 1 week apart, so we always celebrate them together. How cute are we?

Seeing as I have kicked off the last year of my 20's in such a low-key way, maybe this is a sign of things to come in the impending year. But, being that I'm a girl who loves restaurants, bars and concerts, I can sincerely say that I hope not. 

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